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Job Resources for Central Virginians

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If your career path looks more like a rocky road than a paved highway, then you're a career off-roader. Congratulations!

Career off-roaders take risks, explore new territories, and pursue opportunities that take them in unexpected directions.

Off-roading can involve uncertainty and periods of transition, but if you're flexible, curious, and willing to step outside your comfort zone, you can create a fulfilling career.

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Career Off-Roading provides central Virginians with FREE online job resources. These resources are for anyone who needs help navigating the twists and turns of a bumpy career path, but they may be especially helpful to skilled job seekers who don't have a four-year college degree.

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Heather Harvey, attorney.


Heather Harvey

Attorney | Career Survivalist

​I've had lots of jobs during my lifetime, and I believe that everyone deserves the chance to earn a good living and have a life.

I don't provide legal advice, and I'm not a career coach. I research career-related topics and post helpful information on social media.
For more info about me, check out my introductory video below and connect with me on LinkedIn. 

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